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Hotel Solutions is the Contracting Division within HRS Australasia enabling accommodation providers (hotels and apartments) access to a simple management system in order to distribute their accommodation room inventory.

The Extranet is a centralised technology hub aggregating accommodation suppliers' inventory across Australia as well as automates the payment processes from the clients. It manages our contracted accommodation programs for various clients, powers our in-house call centre reservations system, uploads rates and availability to our website programs and allows suppliers to automatically update rates and inventory via a variety of methods.

It does all this while integrating with all major credit card central payment systems. The provision of credit card Enhanced Data and unlimited granular reporting is pivotal to our success.

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The Australian Accommodation Data Exchange (AADX) is not only a company, it is an advanced system. The development of the AADX was originally a technology project undertaken by The Lido Group in conjunction with the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research with the assistance of many industry suppliers.

The resulting system, wholly owned by us, uses next generation e-Commerce technology that has created a truly national clearinghouse for Government and Corporate Procurement of Accommodation Services. The AADX is the platform that powers the complex needs of many different programs. The largest of these programs is the Australian Department of Defence’s Accommodation Management Services Program. This single program of our 30+, with its extremely high demand and many specialised segments, sees an annual spend of around $40m per year.

Key to the AADX’s success is the management and provision of payment services and systems.

We have integrated payment solutions with all major Credit Card Program providers and supply Enhanced Data and comprehensive reporting to the client. The platform combines real-time rates and availability of accommodation suppliers (now over 8000 providers), online and offline booking facilities, secure traveller profile management, integration to Online Booking Tools (OBTs) and Travel Management Companies (TMCs), seamless payment solutions and enhanced data provision. The AADX is truly the most advanced combined booking and payment platform for accommodation services in the country… if not the world.

An effective information and data exchange is also necessary to maintain and promote a dynamic marketplace that is not reliant upon the Global Distribution Systems (GDS). There are many providers of accommodation services in the market today, each with their own standards and data formats. This makes information exchange between those systems a sometimes difficult and costly process.

The AADX is a collaborative, multi-site distribution infrastructure that facilitates the procurement and delivery of accommodation and payment services. The existence of an Accommodation clearinghouse unites all fragments within the accommodation industry and creates a common marketplace that not only will enhance the current accommodation booking process, but also assist in efficiencies within Corporate and Government procurement of accommodation services.



Through the ground breaking technological developments the AADX can deliver enhanced data files of accommodation and incidental charges to the desktop of the procurement managers via their financial systems of encrypt data file transfers; all within a PCI DSS compliant environment.

Benefits of AADX


  • Decreased cost of distribution
  • No GDS fees
  • Direct Connect ability to approved PMS, CRS and Channel Managers
  • Increased opportunity of distribution
  • Online reconciliation and data management
  • Mappable to your channel manager


  • Enhanced data capability of both accommodation and incidental spend (AMEX, Diners, Visa, MasterCard).
  • Access to real time inventory within all types of accommodation houses
  • Access to best value rates
  • System integration to travel booker’s desktop applications
  • Access to non GDS content removing the need to long sell
  • Writes content direct to the PNR
  • Expense Management